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Why hire an events management company?

Hosting events is part of most organisations yearly calendar of activities; whether it is for staff incentive days, B2B, conferences, product launches, exhibitions, training or business events. There is a countless variety of event types and different approaches in organising them.

We recently blogged about event planner traits, where we detailed some of the necessary qualities required to be a successful event planner. Our event planners are experienced and certainly have the attributes, skills and planning knowledge to deliver successful events and exceed expectations. Importantly, they also offer dedicated project management skills to keep the project on track.

For anyone that has been involved in organising an event, you will know how much time, pressure and preparation is involved. Quite often, events are managed in-house where staff may also be responsible for other areas of work or tasks. It can put a strain on the quality of their day-to-day job, your resources as well as the outcome of the event. This approach may appear to be cost-effective, but if it means compromising on the quality of your event or protecting your brand, it might be false economy in the long-run.

The industry knowledge and experience an events management company offers can prove invaluable and we don’t just mean financially. An events management company can bring many additional benefits, including industry contacts, a multitude of specialist suppliers and insider relationships to enable you to get value for money and ad-hoc services as and when you need them.

One of the main and crucial advantages of out-sourcing your event management is that it will take the stress and anxiety away from you. Good event management companies will make it seem like a breeze, they will anticipate your needs and also provide you with a number of new ideas and suggestions that can improve your events no-end.

An event company with a lot of experience will have also delivered a diverse range of event types; they will be intuitive, pro-active, strategic and responsive. But most of all, they will listen and understand what your objectives are, then go about putting every detail into place.


If you are looking to engage an events management company, we would recommend that you:

  • Check their track record. Have they successfully managed events to a high standard and do they have excellent client testimonials?

  • Do they have sufficient events management expertise to deliver your particular event?

  • Set up a face-to-face meeting. They should endeavour to be part of your extended team, it’s important that you feel that you can establish a good working relationship and they ‘get you’.

  • Can they offer you an outstanding service at an excellent price, without cutting corners?


We are very proud of all of our achievements and it’s always rewarding to hear that our clients are delighted with our support.

“You and the team did a fantastic job. For my part the team’s help, in particular the level of proactivity was invaluable. I couldn’t have ploughed through all the stakeholder engagement, marketing, admin, finance, briefing et al on the timescales involved without that level of support. Many thanks.”

“The success of the event for us was due in large part to Bracken's hard work, good humour and utter professionalism. I was very impressed by the attitude and abilities of your entire team.”

“The Bracken Team worked extremely hard – going the extra mile every day without complaint - and ensured that all the intricate elements of the week long event were professionally delivered to an outstanding standard. I can confidently say that Bracken Events is the most diligent, conscientious and ‘can do’ event management organisation that I have had the pleasure to work with.”


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