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About Bracken

Jenny, Director 

When I first set up the company, my aspirations were born out of frustrations with the way I had seen others do it, and sometimes not do it in the past! 

Bracken's values were clear to me even then: I wanted to provide the best possible customer service at a fair price without getting carried away with all that 'agency-stuff' of flash cars, offices and gigantic expense accounts. I wanted to build a team that were considered the best in the business; quietly considering every detail before the client could ask; well-trained, solid and reliable. Most of all, I wanted to build a reputation for excellence rather than a swanky expensive brand.

The rewards come daily through comments from clients who know we always give them a 'Rolls-Royce' service. There's nothing better than seeing a job well done; trusted relationships developed with clients and suppliers alike and a team that is happy doing what we do and able to work together effectively and professionally at all times.

These are the qualities that I hope will see Bracken through the challenging times facing all companies in the UK. I also hope that current and prospective clients continue to see the benefits of our service to them as a result and support us in our mission to build on our success as events, retail and exhibition experts.

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