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Autumn is a second spring when every leaf is a flower

We hate to say it, but this year’s summer has hardly been one to write home about. A few sporadic, glorious days where we’ve hastily dragged the BBQ out of storage in the knowledge that it may be a while before its charcoal smokes and embers glow once more.

The festival season starts to wind-up (well, this year’s have been a bit hit and miss, haven’t they?!!!) and we start to do the ever-so British thing of saying “ooh-it’s a bit nippy, isn’t it?” or “the nights are starting to draw in, don’t you think?”

As an event management company working with mainly public sector and corporate clients, summer can be one of our less frantic times. We use the time wisely to catch up on all of the low-priority stuff that can get a little neglected; having a good sort out in the office and getting everything ship-shape for the busy time ahead, including our huge storage facility where all of our clients’ exhibition panels, products and our event materials are housed.

autumn winding road

Our autumn schedule starts with a bang next week with two events; we’ll be at Installer in Glasgow and at Association of University Engineers (AUE) Conference, taking place a little closer to home at the wonderful Nottingham Conference Centre.

Then it’s off to the races! Stelrad, the UK’s leading radiator manufacturer will be hosting a special event at Epsom Downs Racecourse. We’ll be installing a series of their product displays at this significant occasion in their events calendar.

We’ll be travelling to Wales the following week for the Networking for Innovation event in Cardiff. The Welsh Government is holding this networking event to promote the development of new innovative housing models and retrofit supply chain.

We’re really looking forward to getting the show back on the road and taking in some of the UK’s stunning scenery along the way.

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