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Entrepreneurs' Festival

How to get almost 200 entrepreneurs from 39 countries across the globe to the UK? This was the challenge the Bracken Team was given after successfully working at the Entrepreneurs’ Festival. We took on the challenge to provide:  the provision of a bespoke, comprehensive landing package for international entrepreneurs on the Sirius Programme. The programme brings together graduates that have ideas for creative, innovative start-ups with accelerator hubs in the UK. This process allows entrepreneurs to grow and develop their innovative concepts into global businesses which are based in the UK and contribute to the UK economy.


The Bracken team developed a great solution to accommodate the particular needs of the Sirius Programme, resulting in a unique offering that adds a tailored service to our international events. We now offer a fantastic landing service, which includes complete end-to-end support, from assistance with visa applications, to verification of eligibility criteria and assistance with relocation plans. In addition to this, we have put together comprehensive advice about living and working in the UK.

We provided applicants with a dedicated helpline number and email address enabling us to quickly respond to queries. These queries have come thick and fast, ranging from assisting two candidates to take an English language test hundreds of miles from their home town in Brazil (travelling on an overnight bus to get there) to providing information on bringing a family pet dog into the UK. We are now experts in the weirdest things!

The challenge of providing this support across time zones and cultural differences meant we were up early and staying late in order to accommodate different needs. It has been, and still is, a really fulfilling part of the Bracken services offered as we develop strong relationships with individual applicants and teams, ultimately making their transition to life in the UK much smoother.

The culmination of this work has been the pleasure of meeting the teams face-to-face at a number of induction events. After several weeks of correspondence to finally say hello in person is very rewarding. As the Sirius programme progressed to Stage 2 supported the next round of winning teams.


Feedback received throughout the event was incredibly positive, both from our clients running the Sirius Programme and from the applicants themselves.


“I wanted to extend my thanks to each of you for your support, help and delivery for the induction and networking event yesterday.  It is fantastic to have such a great team of people to work with”


“Being selected as a Sirius Team was amazing, but the journey from home to our new home could have been tricky if wasn’t for the support team. They always helped us when we most needed them, giving us the right information, sending our “must have” documents for the visa, for the lease, and putting some teams in connection so we can share and help each other. We’re really thankful to every single one for make our journey way more easy. Thank you!!”

 “Thanks for your help getting me over here. Also, I’m excited to see what London has to offer.”

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