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Women on Boards Conference

This event was managed at very short notice, the conference was aimed at overcoming the difficulties that several Chairs were having: identifying women with the right skills and experience to appoint to their boards. Vince Cable and Lord Davies, therefore, asked Chairs to identify two female candidates from the senior management team that the company would put forward for the opportunity to serve as non-executive directors on other company boards.

The conference gave these women the opportunity to network and meet Chairs from FTSE companies as well as gain new insight into the recruitment process through workshop sessions.

After the initial contact by the client, the Bracken team followed up the invitations to the Chairs by telephoning them to encourage participation, highlighting the benefits that both Chair and their nominated female executives could gain from the event. We managed to secure 21 Chairmen and Women and 45 nominated female candidates, as well as over 25 invited guests. Creating a matrix for one-to-one meetings, we scheduled at least two meetings for every candidate with a Chairperson where they could discuss the criteria necessary for achieving a Non Executive Board position.

On the day we were up early setting up the rooms in order to ensure a smooth registration process and everyone was seated for a prompt start at 8.45am to hear Vince Cable and other high profile speakers. We managed the one-to-one meetings, Bracken continued in their role facilitating introductions at the conference and the outcomes were impressive: a number of the Chairs were instantly able to identify new potential for the Non Executive Board at the event.

The feedback for the event was fantastic. Many of the candidates commented on how useful the morning had been, both through the meetings and the workshops that followed. Let’s hope to see some of our nominated candidates promoted to the Boards of FTSE 100 companies in the very near future!

‘Brilliant organisation by Team @BrackenEvents for the #womenonboards conference – everyone in the right place so far!’

Client comment via Twitter


“Many Thanks for everything and to your team for their help.

We appreciated all your and your team’s work. In particular, their contribution on the day was great. The team were always smiling and helpful to all no matter what.

Thanks again.”

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